If it is one time of the year everyone will be looking forward to, it is ones birthday. Birthday is one day which reminds us that we are so special to be born and still alive in this endless and infinitely spiralling universe. It keeps proving that we are here for the best, having fought through the toughest defences ever and crossed so many paths in our life and still getting ready for more battles. It only goes better if we are celebrating our 50th, 60th and centennial years. If that does not call for a grand celebration, what else does? Take some time out now and start celebrating your birthday with a birthday party!

Go Live Events Birthday party planning provides the best Services by which our customers really like us !!
We care every aspect of Birth Day Parties including…

  • 1.Balloons Surround
  • 2.Balloon Arch
  • 3.Magician
  • 4.Juggler
  • 5.Hair Stylist
  • 6.Live Camel and horse ride
  • 7.Popcorn & Candy
  • 8.Choclate Foutain
  • 9.Sweet corn
  • 10.Balloon Twister
  • 11.Tattoo
  • 12.Carricuture
  • 13.Nail Art
  • 14.Mehindhi
  • 15.Coustume Charcters
  • 16.Helium balloons
  • 17.Games
  • 18.Sound with mic
  • 19.Electronic spray tattoo Temporary
  • 20.Games Organiser (anchor)