Wedding Planning

Venue Selection

Make a preliminary, rough guest list before you begin thinking of a venue arrangement. Take the estimated number of guests into consideration when deciding.In the process of selecting the wedding venue, also consider whether you wish to have all the pre and post wedding events at the same place as well. Consider the distance from major stations, airports and such for the convenience of your guests.

Theme and Decor

Our Theme decor is beyond powerful its exhilarating!
The visual power of creative theme decor is just the beginning to what the team at Go Live Events can do for your special event. Combine this with some of our other services and you're well on your way to a spectacular event. We believe that when you walk into a room, you should feel engulfed by your decorative surroundings. We take things one step further with all our decorative themes.

Photography and Videography

Go Live Events EVENTS has Professional Wedding Photojournalists who are either of the full time job profile or some are freelancers in the panel. We help you meet them with prior appointment and who would give you and your family consultation (as to how they make use of the available light or on-camera flash rather than using traditional, formal posing techniques and studio lights) and show their work done in the past for your reference.

Wedding Communication

The wedding invitation cards are printed in a very commercial manner incorporating with the theme of the pre wedding, wedding and post wedding Events. Invitation cards are not just a piece of paper talking about the ceremonies however it is called Designer cards nowadays with the use of State of the Art facilities. Designer cards are either engraved, lithographed, letterpress print, sometimes blind embossing, compression plate process, or offset printing.

Live Streaming

Go Live Events broadcasts your event in a way that is both technically elegant and very cost effective. Anyone with a PC, Smart Devices and an Internet connection are able to associate with your event from any corner of the world. Web casting provides a great solution for those friends and family who are unable to attend and allows everyone to enjoy important occasions. Go Live Events broadcasts your special occasions to family and friends worldwide.

Sound and Lighting

The Decor and Venue can be elaborated and illuminated only with the right use and determination of the Theme lighting. Sound also plays an important role along with the lights therefore we offer you professional sound system be it for DJ or Live Performances. Wedding Lighting has to glow like the bride herself and our great collection of wedding lighting will do just that. A special day needs Special lightings from outdoor lights & lanterns to tea lights and votives and it all looks fabulous.